C Change Creativity Collaborative

C Change 3rd Annual Conference. 

The Power of Partnership – Journeys in Creativity

C Change is one of only 8 Creativity Collaboratives nationally. We are a community of schools, who together are co-developing creative strategy and pedagogies, testing out approaches to teaching and learning, and evaluating their impact on pupils, schools and communities.

Our 3rd conference is all about the possibilities and potential of partnerships and how they can transform the lives of young people.

We are inviting schools, communities and businesses to join us to find a new way forward.

Keynote Speakers

Valerie Hannon – Founder of the Global Education Leaders Partnership and author of Thrive: The purpose of schools in a changing world.

Bill Lucas – Professor of Learning and Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning and Chair of the Global Institute of Creative Thinking.

Darren Henley – Chief executive of Arts Council England

Partners in Learning

Find out more about C Change’s work around the empowerment of students in developing their creative thinking skills. Case studies from across our C Change schools.

Possibilities in Partnerships Workshops

Organisations from across the country will be sharing their creative approaches to partnership.

  • Comino Foundation
  • Theatre Porto
  • Edge Foundation
  • Schools of Tomorrow
  • Creativity, Culture & Education