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Tuesday 1st October 2024
The Power of Partnership - Journeys in Creativity
Join us for our 3rd annual C Change Conference on Tuesday, 1st October 2024. Click 'Get Tickets Now' to purchase tickets. #cchangeconf24
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About Us

C Change is one of 8 national Creativity Collaboratives in England.

Lead by St Bernard’s Primary and Nursery School in Ellesmere Port, we are a network of schools testing a range of innovative practices in teaching for creativity, with the explicit intention that our learning is shared to facilitate system-wide change.

We believe that Creativity, Community and Culture are key to making a change in the lives of young people.

  • We are conducting research on the following lines of inquiry.
  • How do creative pedagogies contribute to the experience of education for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds?
  • What are the conditions needed to foster a culture of curiosity & creativity within and across schools?
  • What pedagogies effectively cultivate creative thinking across the curriculum and in particular for disadvantaged pupils?
  • What strategies support effective cultural and creative partnerships for schools, communities and young people?
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Creativity Collaboratives

Creativity Collaboratives is a pilot action research programme that aims to build networks of schools to test a range of innovative practices in teaching for creativity, with the explicit intention that learning is shared to facilitate system-wide change. Working alongside existing school structures, teachers and educators will co-develop creative strategy and pedagogy, test out approaches to teaching and learning, and evaluate their impact on pupils, schools and communities.

What will the Creativity Collaboratives network do?

There are eight lead schools, who will each work with their own network of local schools to cascade learning. The networks will test varied approaches to developing and delivering the curriculum to support children and young people to develop their creative capabilities. Each of the lead schools will measure the individual impact on their setting, with Durham University conducting the overarching evaluation. Learnings from the pilot can then be shared and applied more widely throughout the education sector.

The programme responds to one of the recommendations of the Durham Commission on Creativity and Education, which sought to investigate the role of creativity in the education system, and find ways to make creativity a bigger part of young people’s lives in education and beyond. The programme launched in October 2021 and will run until July 2024. Arts Council England has invested £2,780,000 into the programme which has been generously supported by Freelands Foundation.
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